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Gongo is the Oldest Pleeble..he is 111 years old


He is creator of the tele-hex-adisc which not only is a disco dance floor,
(and band stand for the Pleebles Band to play)

but can teleport pleebles to other places in space and time.

(in one episode idea...Uggy a caveman is accidently teleported to Pleeble Island)


Gongo also invented Blinxi


his robot friend. (a cute pink flying thing with a huge eye)..
she is giggly, glitchy and can project cartoons/information from her pupil


Everything Gongo makes is rather unpredictable!

He has a big purple laboratory.
Oh and also likes to play with his collection of Gongs


Gongo also has a beautiful and rather fluffy horse called Lucky who loves munching carrots.
still making him x


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